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How To Be Safe On Group Rides - When road riding with a group, following cycling etiquette ensures a fun and safe experience for all: Relax and maintain a steady, predictable line (wobbly riding can cause a crash). Remember that people behind you may not be able to see what you see in the road. Alert ride partners to hazards such as potholes and debris by shouting a warning ("Hole!") and by pointing it out so they know where it is. Brake sparingly because riders behind have to brake harder than you did, since they are reacting to you, which can become a dangerous chain reaction. When standing to climb, your center of gravity shifts, which might cause you to thrust the bike backwards. This can scare ride partners and even cause a crash. To counter this tendency, as you rise out of the seat, continue to apply power to the pedals so you don't slow or move backwards.

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