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The Hank & Frank Advantage

Serving ALL your bicycle needs since 1925

The Hank & Frank Advantage:

Lifetime free service for as long as you own your bike. (Must be original owner and is nontransferable).

When you purchase a bike at Hank & Frank Bicycles, you are assured "Free Lifetime Service". 

*Lifetime service applies to normal adjustments that all bikes need from time to time. Free services include everything included in a standard tune-up:

-All hardware on bike is inspected and tightened to specifications.  This includes brakes, derailleurs, cranks, chainrings, handlebar, stem, seat post, saddle, pedals, and wheels

-Derailleur adjustments due to cable stretch/housing compression

-Brake adjustments due to normal brake pad wear or cable stretch/housing compression

-Wheel truing/tensioning

-Bearing adjustments including hubs and headsets

-Lubrication of cables/housing and chain

*Installing Any Aftermarket Motor VOIDS All Free Service

Free service does NOT include:

-Flat tires/tubes.  Although we try to encourage the use of flat tire reducing products such as Slime sealant and/or tires with a Kevlar barrier there are just too many variables that can occur once the bike has left the store.  The normal labor rate of $15 plus parts per flat fix will apply.

-Worn out or broken parts.  Parts like worn brake pads, frayed brake/derailleur cables, broken or cracked brake/shift housing, bent derailleur hangers, worn grips, stretched chain from normal use, twisted chain from derailment, worn drive train components such as chainrings, cassettes or derailleur pulleys.  The normal labor rates to remove and replace parts will apply.