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Kids Bike Trade-In Program

When you and your family purchase a kid’s bike from Hank & Frank, along with our life-time free tune ups, we also offer a trade-in option when it is time for a bigger bike. We see how quickly our young customers grow and want to make sure they continue to have the best cycling experience by always being on the right sized bike without breaking the bank.


Any new kid’s bike from Hank & Frank is eligible within three years of purchase: from the balance bikes all the way to the 24” multi-speed bikes. BMX bikes are not considered kid’s bikes even though they share a similar wheel size. Balance bikes qualify for a 50% buy-back offer.


Your bike will be evaluated for repairs to make it both safe and appealing for the next child. We will make you an offer based on the condition of the bike, estimated repair, and anticipated resale value as part of our reconditioned bike fleet. We like to keep the process as transparent as possible. After all, the bike your child outgrew could very well be on our sale’s floor the next time you come in!

If the repair estimate exceeds the resale value of the bike, we will happily accept your bike as a donation for Trips-For-Kids and provide a trade-in value of $20 towards a new bike.